"Before Mary and I connected, I took my father to the VA Center for Cincinnati.  The staff could not answer many of my questions and I felt the information was probably not complete because I didn't know what to ask.  Then, I met Mary and within minutes I knew exactly what I had to to do.  She corrected information I had received from the VA and even discovered that one of the forms the VA gave me was not the most current version.  It's quite a package of information to track down and she guided me every step of the way.  We absolutely could not have had the application completed correctly without her.  In addition, the application was submitted and accepted in about a month, which is record timing.  She also has been super responsive to questions that have arisen after the submission of the application.  She's a gem!"

- Margie B

"I recently enlisted the services of Kenda Pardy, of Veterans Consultants, Inc. to apply for the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit for a family member who unexpectedly required 24 hour skilled nursing care. 
The process with the Veterans Administration to receive this benefit is very involved and there is no margin for error.  The director of the care facility advised me that most applicants are not approved unless they have professional assistance.  Our funds were very limited and the Aid & Attendance lifelong benefit of approximately $18,000 annual tax free money made the difference between care at a Medicaid facility or private care.
Fortunately, I consulted with Kenda and she guideed me through the process with expertise and compassion. Not only did she assist with all the complex documentation, but she advised me how to be an advocate for the patient.  Initially, the patient was diagnosed as needing 24 hour skilled care in the Dementia/Alzheimers unit, but Kenda suggested that we request a reevaluation.  He was reevaluated and it was determined he did not need to be in dementia care; instead he was placed in the excellent care facility at a substantial saving.  
If you are in need of financial assistance for your loved one, please confer with Kenda to find out what your options might be.  She is truly committed to assisting veterans and their families in finding the right care and resources."

- Nancy M

"After living at this facility for a few months, the director told me about a veterans pension for widows of veterans who need financial assistance.  I have only a small teachers pension - no social security from my deceased husband or from my work.  My sons were paying my bill.  I was on the verge of having to leave this facility.  I talked with Kenda at a workshop in Sept 2016 and got things progressing.  Thank God for her.  I was accepted and am now receiving a monthly stipend and am able to remain in this facility.  I am so grateful to Kenda and so blessed!"

-Virginia S

"My mother received her Veteran's award as a surviving spouse of a WWII vet in 3 months, which is half the time I expected.  Before contacting you and your organization, my brother and I tried the do-it-yourself approach.  There are many similar sounding forms and the documentation required varied depending on where you were researching.  In short, we did a lot of work and wasted a lot of time.  
My cousin told me how helpful you were when he applied for Veterans benefits for his mother.  His words of praise for you were well founded.  You provided me with easy to understand instructions and a list of the documentation required.  Form there on out, all our efforts counted toward achieving the goal.  Because of your experience, you knew that we had the correct information and documentation to get the veteran's administration's approval.  There were no problems and no requests for additional information.  It was great. Thanks."

- Tim W

"At the beginning of this year, we moved my mother-in-law into an assisted living facility.  It was obvious that her limited finances would prevent her from staying in the assisted living facility for any extended length of time.  Since my father-in-law had been a veteran of World War II, the individuals at the facility recommended we contact Mary Stein to determine if we qualified for VA Benefits. Since I am a retired Naval Officer who had gone through the VA Disability process myself, I told my wife and her siblings that it made sense to have me go through the tedious VA process.  So, I contacted Mary Stein.  From the beginning, I could feel that with her help, this process would be so less tedious and troublesome than my own. Mary thoroughly guided me through the process and provided insightful counsel when we discovered inconsistencies by the U.S. Army on the service dates of my father-in-law.  We submitted all of the paperwork at the end of May of this year.  On Friday, we received the acceptance letter dated 28 SEP retroactive to 1 JUN.  Yesterday, we took the Fiduciary paperwork to her to sign.  As with every other time, we had discussed this with her, we had to explain what we were doing.  Yesterday, as she signed the paperwork, she looked at me and asked, "Does this mean that I can stay here as long as I can".  I said, yes.  She thanked me dearly.  But, I must pass that thanks onto Veterans Consultants and Mary.  Thank you very much."

"My husband and I would like to thank you for all of the time and effort you invested to help us with the necessary forms needed to process my mother's pension claim.  The Department of Veterans Affairs claim process was very confusing and we could not have navigated through the sea of paperwork and forms without your invaluable assistance.  We not only appreciate the time you took to sit down and meet with our family but also the patience you showed fielding our numerous phone calls requesting more guidance and information.  We will be recommending your office to others who have similar needs. Thank you again.

- John & Lynnley W

"Thank you for the opportunity to let others know what a priceless, supportive service you were able to provide to my family during such a transitional time with my mother. My mother making the decision to move into a senior living environment that felt like "home" was difficult and a huge change for her. It also brought on many decisions as a family that we had to address - finances. Your help was insurmountable in making that change happen and opened up avenues that I wasn't sure could occur. I had, literally, NO clue about the VA benefit that could help my mother afford to live out the rest of her life in a caring, nurturing, homelike atmosphere. Our family would never have been able to navigate the application process without the help of you. I know that I can count on you if I have any additional questions as the application is processed. Thank you again for taking all of your time to help out my mother and family."

- Donna O

"I don't know what I would have done without Kenda, she was a great help!!! Kenda took care of everything.  Mom and I are very happy!  Thank you."

- Lila N

"I want to thank you for all your help. My Mom's award letter came today. The payments will begin soon. Thanks again, as this takes a large burden off of me."

- Mike B

"It was a pleasant experience to do business with you.  They were very professional on all matters.  Thank you very much."

- Joe C

"My experience with Kenda has been wonderful.  She has  been a great help with my mother.  I am glad I met her at the open house at Bickford House.  She has been wonderful."

- Julie H

"As health care costs increase, the Veterans Aid & Attendance benefit which is available to veterans and their spouses can provide a financial relief.  At our facility, we have seen several of our residents become eligible with the assistance of VCI.  The staff have been very informative and helpful.  They provide good follow up and stay on top of all the paperwork, which can be confusing and burdensome to many seniors.  The staff has spoken with our residents on several occasions to provide the basic information and education.  On behalf of the residents who have benefited from your service, thank you for your time and efforts.

- Joyce, Director Normal, IL

Thank you VCI for helping us obtain Aid and Assistance for my 92 yr old mother, a WWll  Coast  Guard Veteran.  My Mother and I attended your presentation on Veteran Benefits at Renaissance West in November. It was a spur of the moment decision and truthfully I was very skeptical about your motives. The process was unbelievably smooth and I still can’t believe that you hand-delivered it to the Veterans office. You must have clout because within six weeks we had verification of benefits and the first check in the bank. Without your help we would have not known about this benefit and certainly not have been able to complete the process on our own. Many thanks Mary S. and Kenda…

- Alyce D and Loni S

I would like to "Thank You" for taking the time to participate in this year's Senator Rezin & Representative Anthony's Morris Senior Fair.  As always, the information and services your agency provides the residents of the 38th District is truly invaluable, and I look forward to future opportunities for us to share such important resources with our communities.

- Senator Sue Rezin

Thank you for being a vendor at the Senior Fair I hosted on July 30th.  The feedback we received so far has been very positive about the services provided.  I plan to host this event in the future, and I hope you will participate again!  Thank you again for your help in making such a positive impact on the seniors in District 21.

- Senator Michael Connelly

Thank you for your participation in our Annual Senior Fair at the Lemont Park District CORE.  With your help, over 200 seniors were able to obtain important information on products and services that fit their needs.

We appreciate the time you took to come out and help us educate our constituents.  It is sometimes difficult for seniors to know what is available to them or where to get products and services that pertain to them.  Having all of you come together in one venue helps alleviate their stress.

- State Rep Jim Durkin

I want to thank you Mary for your assistance in helping my grandmother obtain veteran's benefits to help pay her daily expenses and living expenses at Sunrise in Jackson, NJ.  I will recommend you to anyone else I know who may need assistance in applying for veteran's benefits.

- Laura J

I just wanted you to know my mother received her Veteran's award as a surviving spouse of a WWII vet.  The award was granted in 3 months, which is half the time I expected.  Before contracting you and your organization, my brother and I tried the do-it-yourself approach.  There are many similar sounding forms and the documentation required varied depending on where you were researching.  In short, we did a lot of work and wasted a lot of time.  My cousin told me how helpful you were when he applied for Veterans benefits for his mother.  His words of praise for you were well founded.  You provided me with easy to understand instructions and a list of the documentation required.  From here on out, all our efforts counted toward achieving the goal  Finally, you filled out the actual application form.  Because of your experience, you knew that we had the correct information and documentation to get the veteran's administration's approval.  There were no problems, and no requests for additional information.  It was great.

- Tim W

I'm feeling a huge load has been lifted from my shoulders.  I'd like to thank you for all of your help; your organization is truly a blessing.

- Judy T

When my father decided he needed to go into assisted living, we were concerned about the cost. The admission person gave us a brochure Veterans Consultants Inc.The brochure had a checklist that allowed me to get together the required documents prior to meeting with Kenda and her staff. I have worked in the financial field for 25 years and considered doing it myself.I’m so glad I didn’t. Kenda was amazing through the entire process and still returns all emails and calls after we got approved. They understand customer service and have the knowledge to help families at a very difficult time. I highly recommend Veterans Consultants Inc

- Mark

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