How We Work for You

1. We explain the history and purpose of the Aid & Attendance Pension and the four areas the VA will analyze in determining a claimants qualification.

2. We explain and provide the Pension related forms necessary to apply as well as a complete list of the personal documents they will need to gather and how to get them if they are not on hand.

3. We guide the veteran and/or family in the elimination of obstacles standing in the way of qualification, i.e. improper discharge papers and incomplete doctor’s examination.  For financial obstacles, our professional consulting services help bring the claimant's financial picture into alignment with VA and Medicaid standards.  Our consultation includes:

4. We ask the veteran or family to watch their mail and the designated bank account for any communication or deposit from the VA.  We continue to guide the family until the Pension installments due from the date of application have been paid.

5. We appreciate and edify our referring communities.  We let their families and referrals know how positive it is that they are taking steps through a partnership with us to help them qualify for this Pension.

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Veterans Consultants, Inc is not a department of any state or federal agency and is no way associated with the VA.  Our service is to provide you with an assessment of your qualifications for benefits based on the criteria set by the VA.